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Supported Employment

Rocky Mountain Pathfinders pairs clients with trained staff who work to foster strengths and a desire to learn new skills for successful and meaningful employment opportunities.

Our Supported Employment program aids and supports our clients in every step of the employment process. 

We provide guided situational assessments.

We assist in job searching (including resume, job search, and interview support)

It is our pleasure to provide on-the-job coaching as well as client-specific skill-building.

  • Structured technique training for teaching job performance skills such as:

    • sequence, quality, and quantity

    • grooming and presentation

    • effective communication with coworkers and managers

    • technology skills

  • Trained staff to ensure success of the placement by providing advocacy at the work site and in the community

  • Travel training or transportation services

  • Continual evaluation and monitoring of client’s performance and progress

  • Trained staff to determine when to fade out services as client requires less job coach intervention at job site

  • On-going services to maintain employment

  • Summary of client progress, including identification of any problem areas

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