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Residential Services

Services in the Adult Community Living Supports Category are available to individuals age 18 or older who are receiving Disability Waiver Living Services.

Services from the Adult Community Living Supports Category are required to be coordinated with other services that are the responsibility of the Colorado Department of Health, Development of Disability Support Division, and Case Management.

The focus of our Residential/Family Living Program is to offer adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live as independently as possible. Our assistance enables each client the maximum amount of control over their lives and choice.


We provide individualized support assisting in developing daily living skills, to enhance individual participation in the community as valued members, and to enable individuals to live in the least restrictive settings.

Our program is participant-directed and focuses on individual needs and preferences. We emphasize the diverse and unique abilities of each person served, while at the same time providing a safe, well-supervised environment where the needs and characteristics of each individual are best served.

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